Steps to Restore Bookmarks in Chrome Windows 10

If you delete a bookmark or bookmark folder by mistake, you can restore it by just clicking Ctrl+Zin the Library window or the Bookmarks sidebar. The Undo command may also be found under the "Organize" menu in the library window.

Method 1: Restoring Bookmarks from a Backup in Chrome

You may have a local file folder that backs up all of your browsing histories and bookmarks in Chrome if you lose the browser history or bookmarks. Close Chrome first, then follow these steps to restore your lost bookmarks in Chrome:
Step 1: Firstly, go to: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data. Your Windows user account should be replaced by UserName.

Step2: Then, in the search bar, type Bookmarks. A list of files titled "Bookmarks" and "Bookmarks. bak" will appear.

Step 3: Transfer the Bookmarks file to a new location.

Step 4: Change the names of the Bookmarks. Save the backup file to Bookmarks.

Step 5: Open Chrome and the bookmarks from the backup file will load.


Method 2: Use DNS Cache to Recover Chrome Bookmarks Following an Update

When you lose crucial bookmarks or favorites in Chrome as a result of a browser upgrade, this solution will come in handy. Simply follow the instructions in the guide below to resolve the issue right away.

Step 1: Press Windows + R, then type cmd and press Enter. You can find cmd using the windows search bar. 

Step 2: Type ipconfig /displaydns into Command Prompt and press Enter. All of the recent websites you've visited will display here, and you may explore and bookmark them again in Chrome.


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