How To Unblock YTS Torrent To Watch Movies for Free?

The YTS torrent site has created by a well-known movie uploader by the moniker YIFY. The exact name of the founder is unknown, however, the term YTS is said to represent YIFY Torrents Solutions. What started as a simple way to share movies with friends grew quickly into something more, with thousands of users visiting the site regularly to download the newest Hollywood blockbusters.

In 2015, the site's creator took it down due to an inquiry into his identity. In an attempt to stop the piracy of copyrighted media files, large lawsuits have been threatened. 

The List Of YTS Proxies & Mirrors:

  • yts. am
  • yts. gs

What Is The Reason For The YTS ban?
The site has been blocked to conform with copyright laws in the country from which you are attempting to get access, which is a clear explanation. Then, your ISP is likely to have a long list of banned websites, including YTS. Some states take illegal content more seriously than others, and if you reside in one of them, you won't be able to access the site directly.

Even if you are not geo-block, your ISP may refuse to supply you with the bandwidth you require to download material properly. To discourage you from using the website, they could restrict your connection or reduce your download speed.


How Can I Access A YTS Site That Has Blocked?
You may find mirror and proxy sites for YTS by doing a simple Google search. Your ISP might not be able to block them. The content of the mirror site should be similar to that of the original site. It's simply on a different server now.
When trying to complete an ISP blockade, a VPN can be the best choice. When you use VPN software, you may access the torrent site from a server in a country where copyright laws are not followed. It also hides your IP address, allowing you to pirate securely without the worry of being tracked online.


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