Does Kisscartoon Still Exist?


Kisscartoon is the best ever site for kids, with a collection of a wide variety of cartoons and anime for everyone. However ever since the shutdown of Kisscartoon websites, there has been constant speculation over whether it is still active or not.

If you are here with the same questions, then we might be of some help. In here, find out what happened to Kisscartoon, and if it still exists?


What is  kissCartoon?

Kisscartoon is a great site for children with a collection of cartoon series, and anime for free. One could easily and for free stream the content on Kisscartoon for their kids. If you are someone who also enjoyed watching cartoons during your young age and want to revisit it back, Kisscartoon is the place for you. 

Kisscartoon for tv shows has been the most popular choice and it presents both the latest and old collection of movies. However, due to it being a proxy site, the rumours were that it was shut down. Although the site was a proxy server, people still accessed it using VPNs and therefore it turned out to be the best site ever. 


Does Kisscartoon Still Exist?

Looks like the rumours were true, because Kisscartoon no longer exists and therefore access to it cannot be provided. However, one can always look for alternatives like kissanime, 9anime,, cartoon network and more. These are some simple alternatives to Kisscartoon, which has the same copy collection of various cartoons and more. One can use these alternatives to Kisscartoon and still enjoy the fun of animations.


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